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Plastic Surgeon Connecticut | Plastic Surgery | Dr. CS Kim

Description : Dr. Kim recognizes that many patients want cosmetic improvements without surgery. He provides a full spectrum of injections to improve skin and wrinkles. Offering multiple technologies for cosmetic improvement, Dr. Kim was the first doctor to offer the Scion Joule laser system to Connecticut. In addition, he offers radio frequency technology to …

Url : https://www.cskimplastics.com/

Dr. Chang Soo Kim – cskimplastics

Description : Drawing from his extensive surgical experience and academic training, Dr. Chang Soo Kim provides comprehensive cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Url : https://www.cskimplastics.com/about/

info laserliposuction cskimplastics

Description : Drawing from his extensive surgical experience and academic training, Dr. Chang Soo Kim comprehensive cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He also dedicates himself to each patient, providing personalized, uncompromised care.

Url : http://info-laserliposuction-cskimplastics.com/

info liposuction cskimplastics

Description : Liposuction is a common surgical technique that is used to permanently remove deposits of excess fat and to improve contours or shape. Liposuction can be performed all over the body.

Url : http://info-liposuction-cskimplastics.com/

info minitummytuck miniabdominoplasty cskimplastics

Description : 203.920.1444 | 2777 Summer Street, Suite 210, Stamford CT, 06905 | info.cskimmdplastics@gmail.com

Url : http://www.info-minitummytuck-miniabdominoplasty-cskimplastics.com/

info mommy makeover cskimplastics

Description : The mommy makeover is one of the most popular, frequently-requested procedures for women seeking to regain their pre-pregnancy body. Many women experience changes in their body after pregnancy, and often these changes cannot be improved with diet and exercise alone.

Url : http://info-mommy-makeover-cskimplastics.com/

Info Tummytuck Abdominoplasty Cskimplastics

Description : Abdominoplasty, commonly known as a tummy tuck, is a surgery to remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen and to repair the muscles of the abdominal wall. Generally Dr. Kim performs a lipo-abdominoplasty, which includes liposuction of the upper abdomen and flanks to help flatten the abdomen and narrow the waist, providing the patient with a …

Url : http://www.info-tummytuck-abdominoplasty-cskimplastics.com/

The Plastic Surgery Dermatology & Laser Center – Home …

Description : The Plastic Surgery Dermatology & Laser Center. 60 likes. Dr. CS Kim, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon specializing in cosmetic and non-surgical procedures, located in Stamford CT Yale University We…

Url : https://www.facebook.com/cskimplastics/


Description : Dr Kim performs Facetite as an office procedure under local anesthesia. Facetite can be done on the face alone or on the face and neck together. Also, Facetite is often combined with Morpheus 8 (radiofrequency microneedling procedure) for optimal results. The entire procedure only takes between 1.5-3 hours, depending on the areas being treated.

Url : https://facetitestamford.com/

bodytitestamford.com – The Plastic Surgery,

Description : Bodytite is an amazing, FDA approved, minimally invasive technology used to tighten the skin and help eliminate subcutaneous fat deposits. It is superior to Coolsculpt, Trusculpt, Ultherapy, SculpSure, and Cellfina in its ability to address both fat AND loose skin for the ultimate body contouring.

Url : http://bodytitestamford.com/

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