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IHSSBCA Constitution and Policies – IHSSBCA

Description : IHSSBCA Policies. All-Sectional/All-State; Banquet; Ethics; Rob Grierson Friend of Scholastic Bowl; Grants; Hall of Fame; Coach of the Year; Internet; Membership; Moderator Certification; Newsletter; SchoBowlFest; Scorebooks; Team Illinois; Tournaments; IHSSBCA Calendar (see Tournament Central for Tournament Calendar) Tournament Policies. Rules for IHSSBCA tournaments

Url : https://ihssbca.org/policies/

IHSSBCA – Illinois High School Scholastic Bowl Coaches …

Description : Any IHSSBCA member team may sign up for a Novice tournament, but only the following players may participate: Any freshman who has never made the top 100 players at MSNCT; Any sophomore who has never made the top 100 players at MSNCT, and who has never made the top ten players at a tournament or conference in high school; and

Url : https://ihssbca.org/


Description : Novice Player Restrictions. This tournament is open to all IHSSBCA member teams with the following restrictions on individual players: A player must have played fewer than 40 varsity-level matches for his or her school’s top team. A player must have played fewer than 80 career high school matches at any level.

Url : https://ihssbca.org/ihssbca-tournaments/novice/


Description : Turnabout tournaments use IHSSBCA rules. Please read our IHSSBCA Tournament Policies and our guidelines for coaches, players, game officials, and tournament hosts. The registration form for the 2022 IHSSBCA Turnabout will be posted in Fall of 2021. Sites. The annual Turnabout tournaments will be held statewide on January 8, 2022.

Url : https://ihssbca.org/ihssbca-tournaments/turnabout/

David L. Riley Kickoff – IHSSBCA

Description : Registration is $55 for the first team from each school and $50 for each subsequent team. Every school must have a current IHSSBCA member to register for a Kickoff; if you are not a member, you must join to enter a team or teams. Questions and Qualification. All Kickoff sites will use an …

Url : https://ihssbca.org/ihssbca-tournaments/kickoff/

IHSSBCA All State Program – QBWiki

Description : Each All-Sectional player receives a certificate. Each All-State honoree receives two certificates (one of which is given to the player’s coach) and a medal. The certificates included a handwritten citation of the player’s name and school. Since 2006, each All-State player also received free tickets to the annual IHSSBCA banquet.

Url : https://www.qbwiki.com/wiki/IHSSBCA_All_State_Program

Competition Formats and Rules – Educational Technologies

Description : Competition Formats and Rules Here is a list of some of the various competition formats currently in use for quick recall competitions. If you would like to add competition format to this list, please Contact U s with your information.

Url : https://www.inquisitorsystems.com/competition-formats/


Description : There are several rules that are enforced during the IHSA Tournament that are not enforced in some other matches and tournaments. These rules state that each team must start the match with five players and must wear matching tops, and the length of each match is …

Url : http://images.pcmac.org/SiSFiles/Schools/IL/CentralDistrict3/CentralHigh/Uploads/Forms/scho_bowl_rulesummary.pdf


Description : The moderator rules: “Incorrect.” Team Y rings in (or not); if an answer is given, it is ruled correct or incorrect; in any case, the printed answer is revealed. Team X appeals. Samuel Clemens is acceptable under Rule 4-B-11; apply the remedy for Rule 4-H-1k: Adjust the score appropriately. 4-H-1k: CASE #2: The following tossup question is asked:

Url : https://www.ihsa.org/documents/adv%20minutes/19-20/20-scb-minutes.pdf


Description : rules in addition to running its State Tournament, and the IHSSBCA, a coaches organization dedicated to improving and growing Scholastic Bowl in Illinois. IHSSBCA also recommends that coaches read our Ethics Guidelines, which can be found at www.ihssbca.org.

Url : http://images.pcmac.org/SiSFiles/Schools/IL/CentralDistrict3/CentralHigh/Uploads/Forms/scho_bowl_rulesummary.pdf

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